Julie Calhoun

Julie Calhoun

Director of Marketing and Platforms


Julie Calhoun began working with David Monheit in March of 2006. From that time until now she has supported the growth of David's Wealth Management business into a dynamic, thriving, and customer-focused business. Before this career, she spent 27 years with the USPS, mostly as a national trainer who assisted with the launching of two major national call centers.

Through the years Julie completed several levels of financial training through 1st Global, completing the Master level in 2012. She has also received seven national Wealth Management Assistant awards through 1st Global. In addition, she completed training for Registered Paraplanner for the College of Financial Planning.

Currently, Julie manages the marketing department that oversees software platforms and admistrative activities. In this new role, she creates marketing materials, client appreciation activities, software updates, training and implementation.

At home, she enjoys being with her children and grandchildren, travel, photography, and creating storybooks using family photos and events.